The motivation for all my activities is based on Buddha’s teaching that Sangha should create a field where good karma is cultivated.”

.... From Neyphug Rinpoche

Acting on his principle to generate opportunities for people to accumulate merit and to purify negative karma, Prajna Field Society was established to facilitate and accomplish the following objectives, transforming his vision into reality.
  • To serve the Triple Gems: Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. Prajna Field is a merit field where beings can gather to learn and share Dharma, and to gain wisdom and transformation. Prajna group will be facilitators to share knowledge that was learned and help to lead other beings onto the Dharma path.
  • To serve sentient beings. To put our daily prayers and motivations into action so we can help all sentient beings with love, compassion, and skillful means.
  • To serve and contribute to fellow Singaporeans. We wish to establish and strengthen friendships based on Buddhist principles through our involvement in Community Services.
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  1. Dharma Teachings by the 9th Neyphug Trulku Rinpoche and other invited masters
  2. Dharma Sharing sessions with Prajna group where Buddhism concepts are discussed and contemplated and are highlighted with examples from our daily lives
  3. Community Services where assistance and help is offered to those in need
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Map & Direction to Venue

Venue Map
Venue: Kim Mui Hoey Kuan,
72 Keng Lee Road,
Singapore 219248.
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About Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha mantra recitation is to benefit all sentient beings who are suffering from all kinds of sickness, for the wellbeing of all sentient beings and for peace and prosperity in our country and world peace. It is not only very powerful for healing sickness but is also very powerful for purification which purifies any broken vows or precepts and extremely powerful for success and accomplishing all wishes. It is written in the scriptures that just hearing the holy name of Medicine Buddha and the sound of his Mantra closes the door to rebirth in the suffering of lower realms.