Ad-hoc Programs

Special Ad-hoc Programs:

Periodically, there will be special events organized in addition to our regular Dharma activities, such as various Pujas, 8 Precepts retreat, Life Liberation, etc. as well as Community events. For information regarding these special events, please click here



Lud Puja   

Lud Puja is a skillful means in the Vajrayana tradition for the clearing of obstacles and negative energies using representative images of male and female.  Participants will bring with them a bit of cut hair and nails, a few coins, and a small piece of clothing that has been worn but not washed.  As astrologically indicated, for the year of the Snake 2013, Lud Puja is recommended for those born under the following animal signs:  Snake, Pig, Tiger, Monkey, and Rooster.  In addition, the following will also benefit from the puja: Fire Rat (18 yrs), Fire Rabbit (27), Earth Horse (36), Metal Rat (54), Water Dragon (62), Metal Rabbit (63), Water Horse (72);

Ganachakra Puja  Wednesday 

Ganachakra is based on the Sanskrit words gana (gathering) and chakra (circle).  Hence, everyone gathers together to offer a feast to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, deities and the Dharma protectors.  The hosts will offer the best of everything, and everyone should offer whatever they enjoy the most to practice generosity and non-attachment.  During the puja, there is also an opportunity to regret and confess and purify all the downfalls and committed sins and broken samayas.  This is one of the skillful means and greatest way to accumulate merit.

Smoke Offering Puja or Sang Puja   

Smoke puja involves the making of a large smoke offering by burning food (grains like wheat, barley, rice, oats, corn, beans, cookies, candies), drinks (wine, juice, milk), pieces of 5 color cloth, flowers, herbs, sandalwood powder, incense, gold and other precious stones or metals, coins.

In the Smoke Puja, the smoke is offered to the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, all the deities, and the Dharma protectors.  In addition, it is a gift presented to all sentient beings and spirits to whom we may owe a karmic debt.  As a result of this karmic debt, they may bring sickness, obstacles and other obscurations upon us.  By offering the Smoke Puja, we are paying off all our karmic debts so that these beings will stop disturbing us.

It is said that these sentient beings take in the offerings by inhaling the smoke. Beings in the hot hells feel cool and are contented. Similarly, beings in cold hells feel warm and are satisfied. Pretas or hungry ghosts are also happy to experience relief from their unquenchable thirst and hunger. Humans are satisfied because their aspirations and wishes are granted.  This is a means of practicing generosity and is beneficial for business success and for increasing your energy and luck.

Life liberation    
Community Events